1. Where is BR High School located?

BR High School is located in the, 523001. It is located exactly Opposite to D-Mart Ongole.

2. How is BR High School different from other Schools in Ongole?

At BR High School, we focus on unlocking every child’s inner potential, creativity, fostering leadership qualities and nurturing interpersonal skills. All-Round development of their physical abilities with cognitive enrichment is the hallmark of BR High School.

In essence, the School acts as a facilitator in identifying and nurturing the innate talent of every student by inculcating human, secular and democratic values in them.

The School also offers:

Opportunity: We, at BR High School, offer our students the opportunity to benefit from a unique blend of world-class education and state-of-the-art infrastructure. This is with an objective to develop young minds into dynamic individuals and equip them to face any challenges in life courageously.

Challenges: The curriculum is challenging but ably guided and inspired by our top-class team of dedicated academic staff.

Innovation: With a vision to enhance the teaching methodology and drive academic excellence, the entire Management and teaching staff at BR High School strive to do things differently and innovatively.

Development: Life is never dull in our conducive and cosmopolitan campus where children interact and imbibe different cultures. BR High School aims to develop the skill sets, enhance the knowledge base and drive personal accomplishments of every student by equipping them with the right tools and resources and inspiring them to emerge as global citizens.

3. What are the school timings?

  • Pre Primary, Primary – 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
  • High School – 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM

4. How would you ensure the quality of faculty in the school?

Every teacher at BR High School – in addition to possessing the requisite academic & professional qualifications, exhibits qualities like love for children, high integrity & professional commitment with a strong positive attitude of hand-holding children to learn and grow. They are IT savvy and excellent at their interpersonal & communication skills. Furthermore, we strongly believe in investing regularly in training sessions for our academic and administrative staff to enhance their professional and personal abilities.

5. What co-curricular activities does BR High School offer?

We give equal importance to co-curricular activities and organize a range of competitions from time to time. This helps every child in developing a healthy and competitive spirit. It further encourages them to excel in various areas like dance, music, fine arts, public speaking, quizzing, and dramatics, to name a few.

6. Does BR High School have an internet facility on the campus?

Yes. The entire campus is fully Wi-Fi enabled.

7. What are the medical facilities provided in BR High School?

The School & infirmary is manned by qualified medical and nursing staff to attend any immediate first aid needs. Additionally, a doctor is available two days a week besides a tie-up with Janatha Institute of Medical Sciences, Ongole for any emergency. Routine medical check-ups and awareness camps are also organized on a regular basis.

8. What aspects of child safety have been taken care of?

To ensure a safe and secure learning environment, BR High School provides effective surveillance and security systems. High boundary walls, firefighting systems, well- trained male and female security guards ensure the campus is fully safe & secure. Furthermore, CCTV cameras are also installed on each floor, every classroom, all through the corridors and on all sides of the building.

9. Does BR High School provide meals to students?

BR High School provides nutritious & well-balanced meals to its students. The School caters breakfast for Children of Nursery & KG and lunch is provided for Grade I upwards. The menu is carefully planned by dieticians and there are regular checks to ensure the hygiene and quality standards are maintained.

10. What role do parents play at BR High School?

Our endeavor is to ensure an active role by parents for achieving holistic child development. To achieve this, we invite parents to be active members of the School’s management committee and play a vibrant role in forming a more dynamic and engaging curriculum for all children.