Pre Primary

Integrated Curriculum

As the school is based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory, a typical day at BR High School is a mix of academic and non-academicclasses, sports, and also music,dance,art,hobbies, library or computer.

In the junior school, though there is a balanced mix of academic and non-academic subjects, children do spend more time on subjects such as visual arts, performing arts and sports. In the activity room (Wonderland) children from nursery & KG spend time simulating real life situation – running pursuing profession – or merely playing.

There is also interdisciplinary integration. Children in the junior school may make clay model or paintings of volcanoes when they studying in their science class.

Pre Primary

Academic/Curriculum – Integrated, enquiry based, challenging, and theme based.

The Pre Primary curriculum at BR High School emphasizes that early childhood education lays the foundation for lifelong learning and whole person development. Each child’s learning interest needs and abilities are taken care of. We provide a diversified learning environment that gives sufficient learning opportunities that facilitate children to develop their multiple intelligences. The holistic development of children can be fostered by means of play, meaningful life experiences as well as sensory, exploratory and other interesting activities.

  • Our key areas of focus include:
  • Physical development
  • Cognitive & Language development
  • Affective & Social development
  • Aesthetic development
  • Numeracy and logic
  • Character education, leadership and Team building.


Children of all ages and abilities contribute to this environment. They may choose to work together or individually. The encouragement of independent activity leads to real independence of mind & action.

  • There are four groups of activities:
  • 1. Self-Care – Dressing activities such as Buttoning, Bow-tying & lacing etc.
  • 2. Development of Social Relations – Greeting, serving, accepting, thanking
  • 3. Caring for the environment – Cleaning, gardening, sweeping, polishing
  • 4. Movement Balancing – Walking on a line etc.


At BR High School children are encouraged towards higher-order experiences where appreciation of art and music is encouraged .Movement education develops body awareness, a sense of rhythm, physical and communication skills. Music , art , outdoor play , and free play is a regular & lively component of each day with each child given the opportunity to handle a variety of instrument & toys giving him the freedom to explore new dimensions in the field of learning.

*Connecting minds

Connecting Minds is an initiative by BR High School for the Parent Community. This is to consciously make them aware of the teaching of ‘concepts’ & dealing with younger minds. This is a regular practice followed once a month by the nursery and kindergarten and is a step towards strengthening the bond between teacher-parent and the child.

*Parental Interface

BR High School believes that parents are the key determiners of a child’s progress. It is a noted fact that when parents actively participate in the education of their children, the child develops a keen interest in learning. BR High School has regular parental interfaces that help promote positive parent/school partnership and communication.