Why BR High School

Global Standards offered at BR High School

The ideal student-teacher ratio achieved through a dedicated and handpicked team of teachers motivated by love for children and passion for teaching. BR High School offers a conducive atmosphere to make learning fun for your child instead of being sensed as a burden.

Very high focus on inculcating value-orientation amongst children including adopting Indian culture, respecting parents, teachers and elders, discipline, patriotism, compassion for others and developing an attitude of helping the needy and lesser privileged – leading to the overall development of your child into a fine, complete and responsible human being.

Fully Wi-fi enabled campus with airy and spacious classrooms specially designed to have good access to natural light. Classrooms for younger kids are equipped with special French-made vinyl flooring giving maximum safety to your child while studying & playing.

Well-equipped in-house Medical Care Center with a professionally qualified & trained full-time nurse. Also, Doctor-on-call for attending any medical emergency.

In addition to Cricket practice nets, availability of a full-fledged Cricket playground.

100% CCTV enabled campus with 24×7 deployment of professionally trained Security Guards to ensure complete safety and security of your child.

Scientifically designed kids-friendly sand-pit and splash-pool& dedicated outdoor play area for younger kids.

Adequately staffed, safe & secure GPS (Global Positioning System) enabled transportation with live information on the location and movement of a school bus.

Well-equipped library, computer labs, art and activity rooms with attractive, colorful and child-friendly furniture to make learning an enjoyable experience.

Scientifically designed kids-friendly sand-pit and splash-pool & dedicated outdoor play area for younger kids.